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what are the NEXT STEPS?


We can provide services for any type of wedding ceremony. For our simple ceremonies such as Elopement Ceremony, Walk Up Wedding, or Kiss & Sign Wedding, you can go straight to the Book Online page. If you are planning a larger, more elaborate, custom event, then READ ON!!!!

Meet Me:

     During this personal meeting, you'll have an opportunity to get to know me. This meeting, at my office located inside the Westwind Club, 5905 Guhn Rd, Houston, Texas 77040, can be as short or long as it needs to be to answer all your questions. The meeting typically lasts about 45 minutes and comes free of charge.

     I will explain the basic ceremony outline I typically use. You can modify that ceremony, combine it with one of your own, or develop one that is unique to your desires. We then put together your own unique ceremony on paper, checking to ensure that the ceremony flows smoothly. 

     Sometimes schedules make it difficult to meet in person the first time and a longer phone call will give you the comfort to book the date. Then, we can meet when schedules cross to discuss the ceremony in full and make any decisions not made during the phone call. The idea here is to have flexibility, making the officiant shopping process enjoyable!



     You will secure the day and time of your choice by placing a booking deposit. This makes it possible for me to turn away others who may ask for the same date and time.



     At least two weeks before the wedding, you'll need to make payment for your fee balance. By doing this, we get all the paperwork out of the way so that on your wedding day, we can focus solely on you and your special day.


Wedding Rehearsal:

     I am available for wedding rehersal as well! Your rehearsal is a time to make sure everyone works together as smoothly as possible. If you would like to schedule your rehearsal so that I am able to attend, please feel free to contact me.


Your Wedding:

     For full-service custom weddings I arrive at the wedding location approximately an hour before the ceremony so that I can run through highlights of what to do with the bride and the groom, brides maids/matrons, groomsmen, musicians, and photographer.  I will also meet with your readers, father of the bride, best man, and any others who need last minute reminders of the few cues they each will have.

     All other wedding arrival times will be pre-scheduled and discussed before your big day! I am here to make your day the day of which you always dreamed!



Now, let's work together to make your day wonderful!

So we will begin with the first step:

Click the link to Complete the Bride and Groom Information form!

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