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Paul G. House

​FOUNDER AND Ordained Minister

Paul is a native Houstonian whose passion for people makes his wedding ministry a sincere joy to him.


Reared in a Christian home, he became involved in the music ministry at a very young age as a pianist. His experiences in his young life and the discovery of differing views in his adult life led him to intense Bible study. His biblical exploration led him to break down passages into individual word studies drilling down to the root languages of the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. Throughout this detailed analysis of God’s Word, it revealed the simplistic and overlying principle of God’s Word -- God is Love!


Paul’s personable demeanor naturally puts others at ease and makes him very approachable. He makes no pretense of being perfect or above others as clergy, but rather encourages people to look towards God’s Word to discover the simple truth that God loves each and every one of us.


Paul is described as "one of the most experienced wedding officiants in Texas" having personally performed over 2500 weddings. As a wedding minister, Paul has a gentle style and smoothly improvises when things do not go exactly as planned. He tells couples to not worry during the ceremony, but to relax and he will subtly give cues and direction as needed throughout the ceremony.


Paul says, "As your wedding officiant, it is most important to me that your wedding day is a joyful and memorable occasion for you, the Bride and Groom; as well as for those who attend."

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