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Kiss and Sign Weddings in Houston, TX

It does not get any simpler than Kiss and Sign Weddings in Houston!


​No guests, no witnesses, no photos, no videos, no tuxedos or wedding dresses,..... just the couple being married and the Wedding Officiant in Houston. Very casual!


No special requests, no after hours..... Just simple "I do" vows", a kiss, and a signature by the Wedding Officiant in Houston!


​One low flat fee.  $100 for your Kiss and Sign Wedding.

Bring your Marriage License issued by the County Clerk of any Texas county.

Woman resting her forehead on her husbands chin while smiling

Kiss and Sign Weddings are for couples who need to get the legalities out of the way for their marriage in a quick and simple manner.  


There are several reasons couples do this:

  • The couple may have a formal wedding planned abroad and they want to take care of the legalities in the US.

  • The couple are saving for a public ceremony at a future date, but need to be married now for insurance or tax purposes.

  • Some couples are very shy and do not wish to have a public ceremony at all.

Whatever your reason, we are here to serve you.

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