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Walk Up Weddings in Houston, TX

Many couples spend thousands of dollars for their wedding ceremony.  Others choose to skip the extravagance and go to a Justice of the Peace to perform their nuptials.

For those considering a simple Justice of the Peace ceremony, this webpage is for you!

Walk Up Weddings will officiate your ceremony any time we are available 7 days a week inside the *Westwind Club.  Appointment required!  
When you are working with a tight budget or choosing to save on your ceremony so you can be more extravagant with your reception and/or honeymoon… Walk Up Weddings is the answer.

Walk Up Weddings charges one low, flat fee (excluding applicable holiday fee) of only $205 to officiate your ceremony at our facility.

Photography Special for Walk Up Weddings.

One of our professional photographers will capture images of your special moments during and after your Walk Up Wedding ceremony. Includes one 14x11 print.

Additional fee of only $275.
Small wedding venue with chairs for 16 guests

Follow these simple steps for your own Walk Up Wedding:

1.  Obtain your marriage license from the County Clerk of any Texas county.  It must be issued no less than 72 hours and not more than 90 days before your wedding day. Active military personnel have an automatic waiver for the 72 hour waiting period (must show military ID and bring copy). 

2. Click on the "Book Now" button and select "Walk Up Wedding" or Call 832-413-5283 to make an appointment and for prepay instructions.

  3. Come to the *Westwind Club, located at 5905 Guhn Rd, Houston, TX 77040 at your scheduled date and time.  Just bring  your marriage license and photo ID.

4.  We will officiate your ceremony.

5.  Then you are off to your reception or honeymoon.

You are welcome to have up to 16 guests for Walk Up Weddings.  If you are planning to have more than 16 guests, please call us at (832) 413-5283 for pricing and availability.  We can accommodate a large number of guests, but it must be scheduled and booked in advance.

Ceremonies to choose from are Christian or civil.

We look forward to serving you and wish each couple a strong and happy marriage.

*Walk Up Weddings is a subsidiary of Get Married In Houston (a non-denominational wedding ministry) and is not directly affiliated with the Westwind Club.

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